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 Do you find tuning difficult?

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: Do you find tuning difficult?   Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:39 am

Hello listeners

Do you find tuning difficult?

If you do let me give you some advice that might help.

If there is one problem that audiophiles do more than any other it is over building their system. Almost all audiophiles I know need to do the "back up to simple" to start getting their systems to truly move forward. Audiophile equipment looks so cool and have such great stories behind them it seems like all we have to do is climb the recommended component list to get to the top. Unfortunately this leads to the purchasing of many step ups to find that your system is still not producing music realistically. Great sound is found in one simple truth, "simplicity". Let me ask you some questions that might help to make this clear.

How much furniture do you have in your room?

Does your furniture absorb sound?

Do your speakers have more than 2 drivers?

Are your speakers heavy?

What is your room made of?

Do you have more than 2 components?

What do your components sit on?

Do your components have their chassis (covers) on them?

Are your wires inside your components tied together?

Is your speaker wire solid core and smaller than 18 gauge?

Do you use barrels on your interconnects?

Do your cables sit on the floor?

Are your electrical outlets tight to the wall?

Are the upper corners, mid-seams and main corners or front pressure zone areas treated with proper acoustical treatment?

Is there rubber in your setup?

Are your circuit boards screwed tight to your chassis?

Do you hear bass go lower in other parts of your house than you do in your listening room?

Can you hear a soundstage when you stand up and move around the room?

Does your music sound good when you walk into other rooms in your house with your music playing in your listening room?

Do you have big transformers in the same chassis as your amp and preamp boards?

Do your speakers require crossovers?

I'll think of more, but if you start off simple answering corredtly these things I can take your system from OK to spectacular faster than you think.

Listeners who I start with simple systems get to the good sound much faster than the ones who have to go backward not only with their systems but in their brains.

michael green
PH 702 762 3245
Email mgtune@yahoo.com
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Do you find tuning difficult?
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