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 The Hidden Harmonic

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: The Hidden Harmonic   Thu May 30, 2013 8:43 pm

A lot of people ask, What is your sound Michael?

I would have to answer this by going back through my mind and thinking what are those magic things for me that make this all work. If I go back to the tuneland archives there's a pretty good answer to this magic for me.

"Many of us have been listening for a long, long time and we know what we like and don't like. When our sound hits that certain thing, then and only then do we really feel at home with our sound. With me, this sound is a harmonic. If I hear this harmonic in my recording then the world is happy again and when it is not there it is musical misery. For some reason, this harmonic, when it is hit, opens up everything. It is a midrange air harmonic that lies just below the attack of the piece of music's strike. If this harmonic is right for me then the girth of the music seems to be all important and the flow is so in the pocket that everything seems right with my world.

I use this cue probably more than any other cue in my listening. For example, if I hear a guitar lead that is attacking too bright for me, I will lower the fundamental body of the lead so it almost sounds like a midrange note instead of a high note with no body or girth. Now when I look for this harmonic, I always want to be very careful of the music around it so that it keeps in balance as well.

Here's the thing about this hidden harmonic. It is the very harmonic that smoothes everything out and keeps your system from being brittle. I have a hard time living in the upper attack zone only without support.

Some of the wonderful things that this harmonic does for me is take the music out of the speaker, for example, or spreads the live performance crowd all around me. It also makes everything so real and present. Listening to things like Lesleys and vocals is unbelievable. The air around an instrument breaks evenly as well, without drifting to one side or the other until the very end of the movement.

I'll do just about anything for my hidden harmonic. "

here's the rest of this thread


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The Hidden Harmonic
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