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 visit to Michael's

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PostSubject: visit to Michael's   Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:47 pm

Hi TuneLand

When I bring things from the office down to Michael's one thing he does is always invites me to sit down. I hear that this is something Michael did every day he was at the factory or one of his tunable facilities. The story goes he would tweak out a piece of music for the staff every morning for them to hear how the tune works and what can be done.

This last visit Michael was playing a classical recording from "Haydn". I knew the music from my daughter's performances. First thing Michael does when you sit down is ask you your first impressions. He doesn't coach or tell you what your hearing he ask you. I am right, left sensitive so I usually tell him to adjust the balance. Once that's done he has you relax while he begins to ask you questions about the music.

do you hear any part of the music that sticks out more than others?

can you see the instruments?

is the music tonally correct (highs mids lows) or is there a part that is more than another?

can you discribe the size of the sound stage and shape of it?

can you hear sound coming out of the speakers?

does the music go beside or behind you, can you draw how far it is into the room toward you?

As I was answering these he asked me to tell him what it sounded like space wise? This was an easy one. I felt like I was in a hall listening to the performance. Toward the front of the hall close to the stage with the sound being 50 feet wide, 30 feet deep and 25 feet tall. The sound came up to my chair and way back into the room.

Michael also had me pick out the volume that was the most pleasing to me. It was a big change when going from soft to loud and then to too loud. It was like the music was filling up and then when too loud getting out of balance. When too low it was also out of balance, but when right where I liked it everything was full and real, like I was there.

A different type of business meeting for sure Exclamation  At the tune it is all about the music. And, I didn't even trip over the wires Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: visit to Michael's   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:06 pm

Hello Cynthia

A good checklist to evaluate systems and recordings you have listed out that Michael asked. And your observations about right volume levels too. I am learning to get right where the volume just right defines the tonal balance and stage to a major extent. The too-loud effect you observed is every room having an overload point and the Tune extends this to allows better dynamic range.

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visit to Michael's
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