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 can you imagine?

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: can you imagine?   Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:52 pm

Hi Guys

Can you imagine the world I live in?

I have been in an industry that has always been a lot of fun but when it took it's turn to head down the over built path, I stood at the side of the road and watched all these tail lights heading the wrong direction.  scratch  At first I was like "is it me, there's something I'm not hearing right". There is something that everyone else is getting and it's going right over my head, I thought. But it took me almost no time to shake off the dust and say "no way, I'm not going down that road". Your not going to catch me listening to toy symphonies. Last night I put on 5 diferent classical CD's randomly and every one of them had a stage that went around my head. I looked at some old reviews and read what the TAS and Stereophile made of their experiences and it sounded nothing like what I was hearing. As romantic as they made the music sound I could see that their stages were nothing like what I was listening to. They were in a box and I was in the great outdoors.

I've had a great time introducing people to the expanded stage "real space, real size" and everytime I go back to listening to the tiny it's like Claustrophobia sets in. I sit there and listen but can't wait for the bell to ring and getting out in the playground where things are happening.

You know why a lot of audiophiles listen to classical and jazz? Because it's easy. Don't get me wrong I loved last nights listening and everytime I head down the classical or jazz path, but I have a sneaking suspicion that many guys couldn't get rock or new age music to sound good to save their life, and I've certainly seen enough of this while traveling. I mean even new age is pretty easy, but when you get to music that moves this is where I see the audiophiles drop off, and the "rock sucks" language comes out. Rocks sucks because you can't play something musically in motion is more like it. Lets see do I tell my story without mentioning names? Yep, better play it safe.

I think it was 95 or 6 at the CES. I brought along with me slightly more complicated music, several copies of it actually. It was "the final cut" from Floyd. The first day of the show I began having people in to listen and when someone started complaining about my choice of music or their usually snibling, I brought that person in and sat them down and asked them to describe the stage to me. Their eyes were usually  Shocked  when they were done, believe it or not though some won't even sit down  Laughing . Anyway, I sent these several guys around the show with the CD and a promise to me they would return and give me their thoughts. Only one returned that day but had a story to tell. "how could this be possible" was his first statement. He then went on to describe sound running into the speakers, banana shaped stages or video screen ones, and either way too much bass or no bass at all. I had him sit down again in my room and he turned his head to me and said "it's like the other systems were only playing part of the music with spotted holes all over the place, and your system is playing the whole thing". The next day my mission was to send the same guys out with another piece of music. As they came in and went through the experience I ask them if they could do it again with Linda Ronstadt's "around midnight". Again they listened at my room then took the CD with them. They started coming back with their results. The one guy said to me that one of the rooms he played linda in that was maybe 3 times the size of my room, my soundstage was even bigger and much deeper, but that stage came in second place.  The rest of the rooms to him and the others sounded like the "music was sitting still". The systems didn't have a sense of real. Some of them had detail but again the comment was "part of the music sounded missing".

The other day got a call from a dealer friend who has been turned onto the tune. I said what's new, he said "dealing with an audiophile" and laughed. I knew exactly what he meant and we both started laughing. It is funny, but it is also so sad. Sad because even if these guys get to base one, before they know it their back to misery, back to thinking about what component may be the next one to try. These guys have been doing this now for 30 or so years and still haven't reached a level of satisfaction. They can name every component that has ever come out but rarely ever hear their music breaking past the speaker plaine, never heard their music go more than 5 feet deep, and once in a while it barely goes past a left or right speaker. it blows my mind that I am in a hobby, an industry that is about making a soundstage and none of these guys have ever heard one. They've heard a small portion of the recordings but have never heard the whole recording, never not once. And if you say you have a way for them to do so they almost jump through their skin at you. It's like you've handed them the worst slap in the face. "you must be wrong, soundstages don't get that big", "that's distortion or something", "some kind of weird reflection adding to the music". They really have no idea that the recording is as big as the event. They been so blind folded for so many years that they truly believe that's all there is. You put your speaker here and here and point it at you. Tuning to them is toeing in.

Even when I bring in people off of the street they can relate to what is going on, so why is the High End Audio audiophile so lost? What happened along the way that shut off their brains and made them accept this small world that no one is interested in but them? Everytime I watch a conversion over to the real world it's like releasing someone from prison. I get a kick out of saying the word "simple" and watching the freak out start to begin. "Oh God No, NOT SIMPLE". Heaven forbid we will ever use something that cost that little. How would these people act if their electric bill went down to pennies or gas went down to 25 cents a gallon. You would see these guys in a line to outside the city limits, but you tell them the FUNAI sounds great and they sneak in to buy it with sunglasses on and not a word to their friends.  Laughing that is if they even give it a thought. "hey buddy, christ came and your goin to heaven, nah I'll wait for the next coming", or "hey buddy, that 25 yr old girl that you think is so cute is a millionare to boot and wants you, nah I'll wait till she's 90 or so and broke". Or I like that Fiat commercial with Diddy, nah that can't be real.

michael green
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can you imagine?
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