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 every system sounds different?

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: every system sounds different?   Thu May 08, 2014 2:24 am

Hi Listeners

A listener on another forum writes to me and says "I want to do tweaks "maybe" but I want to make sure it is not adding anything to the music.

Whenever I hear this my mind has to take a break for a second and remind myself what business I am in. Stereo has been around for what 60-70 years now and not any two systems sound the same and someone says "don't add anything". Someone somewhere along the way has been planting serious audio accuracy guilt into the minds of audiophiles. Is anyone stopping and asking the questions "why does my system sound different than his" and "if his sounds different from mine which one is right"  Question 

I walk into a room that has had the life sucked out of it from dampening materials and no one says that's distortion, but if there are systems that display more of the music they are suspect. This is very weird to me.  study  From where I sit, the lack of signal is a much bigger form of distortion than the plus of the signal.

The plus of the signal is giving more of something that is there, the minus of the signal is part of the music missing. Which to you would spell distortion Question 

While my mind spins over this, I wonder how people in this hobby of no two systems sounding the same justify their sound? I mean hey, in a fixed audio world where every system sounds different you would think that people would come up with something more realistic than the component swap meet. One of the things that has always given me security about my systems is the comfort in knowing I can pretty much make any sound I want. And I can pretty much bet that these sounds are part of the recorded signal. If I had parts that were over powering the signal I might be a little concerned but what I find is that once you reach a certain level of "getting out the mass" most of the parts want to play the signal.

So what is it that makes someone hunt for that component  Question And why does that person keep buying products with narrow signal passages  Question

you might also want to read http://tuneland.techno-zone.net/t239-what-is-a-note

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every system sounds different?
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