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 Yale & Washington Studios

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: Yale & Washington Studios   Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:26 pm

Hi TuneLand

The last day or two I was looking for more Tunable Systems to put on the forum here and ran across the Studio MGA did at Yale. I've emailed for more pics so hopefully you will be able to see the inside more.

For years now I have wondered what was up with the studios cause I had not heard much and no one from there called to talk to me as they usually do. For me the studios came at a time I was becoming more recluse, writing the story of the tune in private and thinking about doing some patent work, mostly though I was taking a break from touring my whole life and enjoying a bit of just "being" mode. Designs and inventions were taking up too much space in my brain and everytime I felt like sharing where my head was the people around me I could see were burning out, so seclusion I guess was my way of saving them from my brainstorms which were coming at me like huricane season.

It's interesting being an inventor/designer because two things through history always seems to happen. One the inventor once done with one invention starts looking for the next step, and the other thing that happens while the inventor is doing this thinking the people who work for him get into copy-cat mode and end up spinning their own businesses and lives from something they didn't do but start to believe they have the rights since they were there and did the labor. A strange life I always thought, because wouldn't it be easier to give credit due and build on that, but it seems the world doesn't work that way.

In the case of Yale and Washington there was a bigger than life ego involved and it took me all of one visit to see this particular group of people were not about giving a true inventor any space in their trophy room. This may sound harsh, but it's a walk  and cross I have beared ever since my first step in the music biz. Some people call them Sharks or Opportunist and there's a side of me that feels the pain of this, but as this happens as a continuum I've learn to embrace the fact that there has to be pioneer and those who follow staking their claims. At the end of the day I sit back and see the world moving forward and I'm the one who was given the chance to put the first shovel to the ground.

"It is said there is no greater form of flattery than to impersonate someone"

When I remove my own ego from this, I can see the truth. I'm not sure if the world is a better place to have people so ego driven that they can't give credit, but what would we have really if the Dodge Brothers didn't leave Ford, or Edison with his many copy-cats. And maybe this is suppose to be the way for the wheel to roll, but I guess I still don't understand why it's so important to take away from someone else instead of carving your own original road. It seems to me that the wheel would turn far more steady and with more speed if the foundation was build on solid ground, instead of falsehoods.

Who knows maybe someday I'll get a letter of thanks from Yale, the company who claimed the glory, and maybe even the guy who gave his son in law his graduation present. It doesn't take a man much to be a printing press and signing his own name, but in my book this doesn't make him much a man.

Funny, I'll get to the end of my life not having any pics to go through for my memory sake to hang on to of what I have invented in life, and those folks will have their mantels full of me. At least I won't have to look at awards and photos that aren't really mine to show.

The most interesting part to me is this has happened at one of the worlds most trusted institutions. Kinda gives you pause to what else is in those history books study

Well, better get back to work Smile

michael green
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Yale & Washington Studios
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