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 MGA Cable Grounds

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PostSubject: MGA Cable Grounds   Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:58 pm

We recommend reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetism and http://tuneland.techno-zone.net/t268-the-audio-code before going too much further.

If you looked at the electromagnetic fields produced by cable and the fields created by other charged parts it would look like this.

When first starting to use the Grounds, leave the screws barely touching so the harmonics can form.

Brazilian Pine is a very soft wood so always turn the screws slowly. Don't over tighten. If you wish to treat the screw area more, you can order our MG Poly.

My personal setting of the grounds is a slight crack of the screw past barely touching. You'll find that the screws hardly need to be turned to make the sonic changes.

Cable Grounds will cure forever just like any instrument, so as you become familar start your own tuning thread and we will work with you to tune things in.

Not only can you tune with the tuning screw but you can also change the flow of energy by moving the Grounds closer or farther apart.

Tuning works like this. Open up the wave structure as big as you can get it then tune it down to where you want it. It works the same way no matter if you are tuning an instrument or tuning your cables and system. If you start from a dampened point and try to open it up instead of the other way around you will always come up missing some music and tonal balance. Dampening = fixed and is stopping you from hearing all you can. Try the open approach and watch how quickly you gain more content. It's far more easy to go from open to tight than dampened (missing part of the signal) to open.

a look at our cable

I make the simplest looking wire in the industry and what it does to your system will shock you. It's the only temp-a-cured cable in the world. What does this mean? Picasso and Bare Essence is made not to resists the signal, but instead to let the signal flow down the most natural path of conduit in high end audio. My cables are not oxygen free (which tilts the sound up) but oxygen friendly which makes the music align in balance. There are no barrels on the ends of MGA cables to cause shield distortion or heavy ends to distort the signal when it contacts the next conduit in the audio chain. My wire is as close as you will get to hard wiring as you can get without getting out the gun. The secret to the amazing open sound though is in the way the cable is baked and handled during production. This cable is hand voiced with heat and motion. The difference between a rolled cable and a voiced one is a small vs big soundstage.

Tight cable in neat packages looks impressive don't they, but put Picasso and Bare Essence in it's loose packing up against any cable at any price and watch what happens to your system. After 7 days of letting the wire relax your system will be more open than it has ever been. If you combined the cable with it's matching cable grounds you will have a signal conduit that you can tune to your personal taste as well as maximizing your electronics and speakers performance.
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MGA Cable Grounds
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