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 intermingling interacting interconnecting

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: intermingling interacting interconnecting   Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:51 pm

When I'm asked "what will this sound like?" I don't see black and white. The reason why I tune is I trust in equals, but equals according to conditions. The drawing above are equal gradients. Doesn't look so does it? But look closer and you will see that the red and blue have the same gradient values.

It's important that we get to the place in our audiophile journey where we start to look at the rules of physics and not so much the laws according to audiophile-isms. Much of our hobby has been built on myth not fact, mainly because many of the high end audio "experts" were more concerned with their ego implied reputations. Thank God we have the internet today Smile and myth busting has been made easy. Hopefully this thread will once again show a different view than typical high end audio spins.

I look at opening and closing harmonics as being the answer to your sound. The conditions of your intermingling, interacting and interconnection as being both simple and yet complex. However understanding is half the battle. Let me show you a few thoughts that might help you see the three I's (intermingling interacting interconnecting) in action.


take a look for example of hot & cold (signal inside of space)


next look at this (below), just because you interconnect doesn't mean you are intermingling




let's continue by reviewing the four fundamentals


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intermingling interacting interconnecting
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