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 the listening reference

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: the listening reference   Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:37 am

Have you been following me on facebook? If so, you will have read me reporting on TuneLand Vegas and the development of my most recent referencing adventures. If you've been following me a little deeper, you've also seen me confront the un-knowing of this hobby. Now I'm no fancy writer so if there is something you don't understand or question, simply post your thoughts on this thread and I'll do my best to answer. The magic of TuneLand is it's ability to engage in the hobby of listening through a different set of eyes than the typical. TuneLand can be intimidating until you learn to read between, and not so between, the lines as well as experience Tuning (the main theme of TuneLand) for yourself. TuneLand as a whole looks at the practice of High End Audio "plug and play" as merely the infant's first steps into the hobby of extreme listening. That might seem harsh when you first read it, but with every hobby there's a series of baby steps that usually lead to revelation that changes the listener's approach to any given sport. In this case with "audiophile listening" the bar has reached the level of EE (electrical engineer) and begins to stumble when the actual listening starts. This is nothing new at all in this hobby, as High End Audio has faced several sidetracking missteps.

The biggest misstep, is the High End Audiophile doesn't know what the audio signal actually is. You can right now post on almost any forum and say "audio signals are variably tunable" then sit back and watch the wars begin. You'll hear the word "distortion" from those who have no idea where distortion starts and stops. You'll hear the word "discrete" from those who can maybe play 10% of their music collection with any type of accuracy and enjoyment. You'll hear "absorption" from those not knowing killing the sound is killing the harmonic structure. You'll hear "inert" from those who fear the word vibration. And you'll hear "isolation" as if we were not living on a moving planet. There's many more of these fun facts that show High End Audio has stepped off the edge of this flat world they've created, but 'Me Thinks' the clock on this thing call High End Audio is coming to an end all on it's own. You may not be aware, but several years ago there was an attempt to change the title "High End Audio" to something else in an effort to break with the association of a dying and fail venture. "Ultra Expensive High End Audio" has become a joke, only being able to focus on pricy componentry and speakers without any understanding of the room, mechanics or electricity. And back to this vibration hatred. You would think that High End Audio would have learned that Audio, Music, Air, Mass & Energy are 'vibrations'. Don't take my word for it, re-enlist in public 3rd grade classes and with the raising of the hand all can be learned.

High End Audio has certainly built itself into a box, and as Johnny Appleseeds for the cause (like myself) come around a sense of panic appears on the faces of folks who live by the rule of expensive product scamming.  Rolling Eyes  A young puppy expensive speaker company sent me an email recently saying "We're here for the young generation", so I asked these guys if they understood what a recorded code was? They had no clue. Here are youngsters trying to sell the public speakers, and the reviewers giving them notice in the LA Show Report this year, had no idea that sound is variable. Now that's not all, this same company's National Sales Rep isn't even a listener, according to himself, "I'm a salesman not an audiophile". "I don't have any of the speakers I rep, or even a listening room".

can we add this up for a second

expensive speaker company that doesn't know what a recording is
rep that doesn't have a system
reviewer that doesn't understand how playback works

All this given to you by way of St********e's report of this years LA Show. scratch

Now before I take a keyboard button forward, those in doubt go to Ebay and order yourself a Magnavox 2300 dvd player and plug it into your system. Place the player on a wood shelf and listen. Now place the player up on wood blocks, on the shelf, and listen. There, you have just taught yourselves that audio is variable.

axpona 2017

If you have not yet advanced your listening to the 'Method of Tuning', your not coming close to referencing recordings. Let me lay a shocker on you. Where you may have asked, or wanted to explore mechanically, the tuning listeners have already been. We have tested variable tuning in hundreds of rooms around the world, all with the same results "the audio signal is tunable". While the marketing of next month's "amp of the month club" was going on I (we) were building tunable systems all over the planet. Every time one of these systems is setup a more advanced listener is born. Most never to return to the miss-leadings of High End Audio, but a few have stuck around to share tuning with others happily. You may have heard of the name "Tunees" floating around the hobby. You for sure have seen the systems and audiophiles gasping for air at the thought that high end audio products along with basic brands have been de-faced or at least minimalized from the original build. Well that's just how it goes. You've seen lots of folks dampening their components, but as they pay closer attention they find that parts and pieces of the recording start to come up missing. In reality soundstages do not have black holes, dead space or lowered backgrounds. None of these are found during 360 playbacks. If you dampen the audio signal you will see less in your soundstage. Audiophiles might want to make explanations for these missing parts but that's exactly what they are, missing information from a recording.

I would love to say there's a line of designers waiting to have their products tuned, but the fact is, most have been put in a position of not seeking sound first anymore. This stupid looks & price game has chased away about everyone to be perfectly honest. And of course High End Audio has no intention of being honest until that last penny has been drained from the trophy product collectors. I can not tell you how many times I have had "the very best" (sarcasm) here and was embarrassed to try to say something nice. Thank God we now have the internet and people posting pictures of audio systems other than the scam-y and somewhat hilariously priced future Audiogon hall of famers. It can make you ill when you think about it. And for me as one of the industry's ears, I find myself wanting to slowly back out of the room before anyone sees me Suspect . Keep in mind I'm talking about the absurd here and not referring to the legitimate competitors for our ears. There are many products that delight the reasonable audiophile these days, and if you can't find one that pleases, no doubt you can pick up vintage used gear that gets the job done just fine. There has never been more great golden oldies along with real deal finds of today in our hobby and I'm thrilled for everyone who finds that gem whether they're a casual or extreme listener. So just because I laugh at the guy who spends over $20,000.00 on anything and the young pups who don't know what a recorded code is, trying to launch their line, don't mistake that for my loving or not loving this hobby. Fact is I've always been brutally honest about music since my very first engineering gig. I don't have time to be any other way, and you can be sure if I love you, I really love you.

Tuning has given me a method to all things musical that I can trust in. Tuning has never once failed me no matter how far off the accuracy path I have traveled. Without tuning there's not a chance in Vegas any listener will ever land on perfection, it's not in the cards and never has been. Lets be factual, if you have not incorporated a variable method into your listening you will never uncover variable recorded codes. Now maybe you believe all recordings have the same code and your one sound system is the reference for the world. If that's the case let me save you some time, you are now excused from the conversation. However there are probably a couple of group therapy sessions you might want to attend.

michael green
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Email mgtune@yahoo.com
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the listening reference
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