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 My Tunable Room

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PostSubject: My Tunable Room    Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:27 am

Hi there to Michael and my fellow tuners!!

It has been almost 1 year since the last i posted in tuneland !! It has been an amazing and yet a painful ride for me after comitting with Michael to proceed for a tunable room  Laughing .

Going through the process of choosing types of wood and hearing the resonance during curing process was something that was very unfamiliar to me. But in the end with Michaels guidance things started to get in shape. Slowly choosing them and going through the whole process of curing and sanding was a real blast. But what got me excited was hearing each and every porcess and how the tone of wood starting to take shape was soo rewarding. All in all having a tunable room is one of the best investment i have ever made in my audio journey.

I have been running my system for the past seven days with around 3-4hours of listening sessions I can hear all sorts of changes occuring. Well i wouldn't be surprised as the wood pnales are starting to rest in place and relaxed and my dedicated lines (using Michaels cables) starting to run in im hearing a big change in sound!!

From an initial thin bass and pitchy midrange with harsh highs. To a full sounding bass going down lower and tuneful to a clear and less muddy midrange with much more smoother highs. I have tried using some of the front wall bolts to tune and it's definitely working up my stage. However as of now i wont do much on them as i need to get those doors installed which will be in hopefully next week and get them pressure zones stabilised before i can start to go full speed ahead on tuning those bolts.

What I am really surprised is using a slightly suspended floor has kept those vibrations running up to my equipments to a bare minimal and  I dont feel them creeping up to me how is this going to affect me later is still something that i will need guidance from Michael as i don't understand where are those vibes heading too Laughing . As of now im using a simple piece of chair that is from my dinning table. As it is lightweight and i can move them easily to get a better understanding on my listening  sweet spot area which im still figuring out. Do not get fooled by moving or tilting your head and hearing a better clear music or vocals means thats the correct sitiing position. As i move forward i may get some clearer part of the musical passage but i tend to loose the stage layout and imstrument placements.

The tuning journey has started once again for me and i will be periodically updating my findings and uploading pictures as i start to understand more on how the room is reacting to my speakers and equipments.  


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Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: My Tunable Room    Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:02 am

I'm sure the pictures to come are going to speak more than a thousand words each.

michael green
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Email mgtune@yahoo.com
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My Tunable Room
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