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 My Tunable Room (tjbhuler)

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: My Tunable Room (tjbhuler)   Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:53 am

So, the last post gave us the short story of how the components (electronics) became "less is more" for me. As the turn continued to happen the space where my ears and body were also took on new meaning.

Tj's SAM and Tunes

This is one of the places I hope we get to dive into this year through Tj's ears, so important study

michael green
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PostSubject: Re: My Tunable Room (tjbhuler)   Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:50 am

Hi Michael and my fellow tuners

Funny that you have posted that as I just recently discovered something new concerning my SAM wall Laughing

As the study of tune is in progress, I have taken a slight detour from my usual PZ mapping and laminar flow reports. Recently I had a group of friends over for a listen.  These are my work colleagues who have always been curious about my hobby.
Well to be exact 2 of my work colleagues came by for a listen. These are guys who have good interest in listening music but never had the passion to own a system nor indulge themselves in a system apart than what comes out from thier oem car audio and PC setups Laughing . So off they were taking turns sitting down to get a listen. As the other walks around the room in amazment on all the PZC's and RT pillows placed around the room and asking questions what is it for and how does it help.

As the sense of curiosity within them seemed to be quite intense with amazment and disbelieve I decided to do a small demo to make them understand what I'm talking about. As one of them were sitting down and listening I decided to remove the MEC that had recently placed over at the sides of the wall beside me. Immidiately the responce I got from them was that vocals seems to have lost its focus and moved away from the center. This itself got them amazed and excited as they were begining to understand what the tunes is all about and when I told them how I can spend hours in the room. It was a cool demo that also reminded me that the tunes is so effective and that can be affected so easily with a small amount of change here and there that even a non trained ear could easily pick it up Exclamation .

As they were listening I was at the back of the room choosing another cd for them to listen since many request were coming from them on the types of songs they want to listen. As I was busy searching for the cds all of a sudden my friend said "now what magic did you do?" As I was unsure scratch of what he meant by that I asked him again what happened Question he said now the left side image of the stage is huge and "light" sounding. This got me confused as I didn't do anything and yet something happened. So I checked around over at the front side to see anything has been moved but nothing seems to be displaced. Moving to the back I noticed that some extra wooden block that I acquired from the reno works moved and was touching the back part of my SAM wall bracings. Could it be that this was causing all the change in the sound Question I moved them away and immidiately the responce from my friends was yes its back !! Once again balance in the force has been restored Laughing

This got me thinking on how could that have  happened and how could that amount of change occur with just a small wooden piece of  2"×3"×0.5" touching the bracings of SAM wall Question Now this was running at the back of my mind for the rest of the time entertaining them. I repeated it again without thier knowledge to see if that effect is repeatable and noticible. Based on thier expression one of my friend responded saying that something is not correct. I then quitely removed the wooden piece and the sound was back. Now I can understand if that piece of wood is placed at the front side of the SAM wall which affects big time but at the back touching the bracings was something that I never realised could affect the same intensity as the front Shocked . If you have a look at the picture posted by Michael above the SAM wall, you will see that I have small wooden chips that I custom made previously which are stuck around the SAM wall. These wooden chips are from excess woods that came from the lumberyard during my wood picking sessions last year. I use them to further tune certain aspect of the stage to bring out more details, presence and stage depending on the recordings. This experience of using wooden chips came about from previous postings I read in Michaels thread from his old website.

I have various type and size of wooden chips ranging from pinewood, rosewood, ironwood, merbau and ebony wood. I got them for free as the owner of the lumberyard had no use of them since they were originally cut outs from the wooden blocks that came in previously to the lumberyard. Out of all of them only the ebony wood has been shaped up to a circular disc with a small hole drilled at the center of it which I have also made custom metal bits to be used as an insert to those holes drilled. I have them placed all around my room just as way for me to understand the interaction of laminar flow at the walls and ceilings apart than using cardborads as guide. But for my SAM wall I'm using them as a part of my tuning aid which is helping me a lot to dial in on certain recordings.

From now on I will be looking closely at the back part of my SAM wall as a tuning port for me and not to be dependent on the front side only. Will report in more hopefully with more good tunes ahead!

A question to Michael how would you look at the back of the SAM wall when tuning it Question I'm thinking logically that I will tune it the same way as I do at the front part of the wooden panel. In this case on the back part of the wooden panel but after experiencing the effect on the bracings would that be a good place to tune Question

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My Tunable Room (tjbhuler)
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