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 StevenZ - Starting Fresh / Help Needed

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PostSubject: StevenZ - Starting Fresh / Help Needed   Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:47 pm

Hey guys, new member here.  I recently stumbled upon MGA while snooping around on another forum for speaker suggestions.  Thus I've reached out and contacted Michael to start the process of rebuilding a system that would revolve around his Rev 6 speakers (and subwoofer?).  I've been on the Hi-Fi merry go round for quite a long time now and I've spent/lost thousands of dollars chasing my tail. It's time to rebuild after my most recent purge and I think I may have landed in the right place.

So from what I gather, pricing be damned it seems these two pieces are the cornerstone of some truly incredible sounding stereos.  Magnavox MDV2300 & Sherbourn RX-4105.  What I'm nervous about though is that the cost of these two items combined doesn't even equal the cost of my current interconnect.  I'm scratching my head as to how these two items could possibly be better than what I've had and heard.  It would be hard for me to take seriously this gear so I was hoping any of you guys who might be using this combo could chime in.  OR anyone who has any other suggestions for equipment that might pair well with Michael's current line of speakers.

On that note, I do see a few older models that MGA used to sell and I wonder how those might compare to what is currently available.  My main concern is actually the transition from a standard format tweeter to a slightly larger format paper cone tweeter.  I wonder how high this actually extends and how clear it is within the range it's used.

For now, the room I'm in isn't important since it's an office, I'm just trying to build up my puzzle pieces for when I do get around to having another dedicated room so I'm purely in information gathering mode.  Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: StevenZ - Starting Fresh / Help Needed   Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:11 pm

Hi Steven

Welcome to TuneLand Exclamation

Hopefully some of the Tunees will come out and visit with you.

For now, I was thinking that I could address the one question you asked.

"My main concern is actually the transition from a standard format tweeter to a slightly larger format paper cone tweeter.  I wonder how high this actually extends and how clear it is within the range it's used."


There are 4 main tweeters that I currently use in my designing. All of them are MG Mods like the original tweeters. The tweeter your looking at with used models are either Vifa or ScanSpeak based. The Vifa was used in the Revs and the Scans in the Chameleons. With both of these tweeters there were slight tweaks that needed to be done, but overall they sounded great.

the 4 tweeters being used now

a) the original, based on the Vifa D-27 with optional rear cap or MGA treatment

b) the MGA Low Mass, using the same silk dome as the original but with the Low Mass magnet, no screw assembly, and incorporating the MGA Low Tone plate

c) the Dayton Audio's small Ribbon

d) the MGA Paper Tweeter (also available with soft dome dust cover)

I also have on hand other tweeters that go all the way up to the thousands of dollars for those wanting me to do the big buck custom builds.

All the tweeters I use go well above 20k, especially after mounted to the newer guitar baffle boards that I use on all Rev and Mod models starting 6 years ago. I've worked with instrument baffle boards for many years but was not able to implement the design because I didn't have the right wood workers. As of this last couple of years the front baffle board technology finally came together, and with Dave (bare foot daddy) the front baffles are to die for.

difference between the old Rev and new Rev

If a listener finds an original Rev or Chameleon that I personally voiced they have a treasure, obviously, because of the age and attention (if they have been cared for). I know which of the eras sound the best and or different. At one time I even use to grade the speakers and sign the grade on the inside. However finding out how they sound now as compare to the new Rev would have to be done on a pair by pair bases.

The new Rev certainly has some advantages right out of the gate. The Rev no longer uses the aluminum tuning bar, but now an individually tuned hard Poplar or Mable bar. The new design has, as I said, a real guitar baffle board for the front baffle. The old use to be done with double sided veneer (outside and inside), the new Rev uses hard wood for the front baffle and our own pressboard (soft pulp) for the top, bottom, sides and back. This allows for far more detailed voicing. I can virtually revoice the Rev any time in the future, instead of being some what limited by the inside veneer. Over all the new cabinet is simply far superior to any I made in the past. I don't want to be one sided on this though because there are some old Rev speakers out there that by now, 20 or so years later, that have come of their own and probably have tone to spare. I only get praise emails from Rev owners of old so it's hard to tell exactly what condition they are in. 3 years ago I would have said grab the old models if you can find them. Now, it's the latest ones all the way, their more refine.

michael green
PH 702 762 3245
Email mgtune@yahoo.com
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StevenZ - Starting Fresh / Help Needed
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