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 New Floor standers came!

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PostSubject: New Floor standers came!   Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:28 pm

My new Floor standers arrived home on Monday and now the challange of retuning my room begins, so I'm gonna need some help. I'm restricting my total amount of Floor Standers to 5 (3 48" & 2 61") So far with just real rough tuning I've found quite a difference already, when I first set all 6 Floor standers I had a bad problem with "suck out" thru the midrange and where the placement was so, I removed the 6th FL and altogether and placed the 5th to the left of my listening chair, still no luck! So I started tweaking 4 out of 5, I had to tweak both new 61" FLs as well as the new placement of #5. When I moved the new 61" (@ the right side front) out from the origional position by 3/4" in bettered the focus, so I moved the left 61" backwards by 1/2" at a time, at first it was too much of a move then I found a sweeter spot just a bit more than 3/4" (the new 61" FLs have a smaller base as opposed to the origionals), now I was on the right path cheers
Next the #5 rear FL (48") was to far from my listening chair so, with the help of the tape measure I placed it the same distance from the chair as #4 rear FL and toed it in jusssst slightly and headed for work. Yesterday I fired up my rig to listen to the CD by Garbage "Absolute Garbage", the results were musch better! With the new Balanced Sx cables on the CD (From Grover Huffman) and the new 61" FLs in place bass is much better sounding and solid (maybe even just a bit to round on some songs but then again that's mastering too). Trebel extention and diffusion was better and the depth has come back as well as the width better too. I listened to Alan Parsons (which I had experienced the "suck out" on) and it was better still a little bit thin at some spots but..... now I think that I'm getting a bit better reflection of the way the disc was recorded and mastered. You can see photos of my origional set up in the beginners section of the forum (I beleive) just check my user name. Going to send pictures so that you can see the changes and be able to help better with my questions but Love the new 61" Floor Standers I've needed these to cover the length of the ribbons in my Apogee Slant 6s. More later gotta listen and see where I am some more.
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PostSubject: Re: New Floor standers came!   Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:55 am

Hi Apogee,

Glad to hear you are getting what you want out of your new custom Deluxe RoomTunes. cheers Don't forget to take your time in finding the placements that you like, and give things some time to settle.... Looking forward to seeing the photos....


For Apogee, custom DRTs made the most sense for him ultimately, since he already had a number of them employed in his room, and space and footprint were a big issue in his listening room too. For most, though, our new Deluxe FloorStander will be the best floorstanding solution. In fact ... it's design has been improved again this week while I've been here in Vegas with Michael (no, I'm not taking credit for it Rolling Eyes ). In the design of a new product, it seems like there's an ongoing evaluation and reevaluation process that is intended to get the best out of the design concept. While Michael has gone to new materials and processes with the floorstanders, the older designs that have been around for years still work great. We have to move forward design-wise, but we still want to be able to help our old customers, and we'll sometimes be able to do custom orders like Apogee's (though time frames for production will of course differ from standard).

All in the service of getting the best sound in our rooms, right?!

jocolor jocolor

Andrew Staub
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New Floor standers came!
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