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 The right tune.

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Joe Sanzone

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PostSubject: The right tune.   Sun May 23, 2010 10:31 am

Hey Mike,

As I shape my fundamentals I am realizing more how important it is to have a variety of RT'S on hand. When I first placed my order for the larger RTs I thought I had it all worked out. I had an image in my mind of all the sizes and placement. Last week I finally got some one to help me put them up, As well as be on hand for an extra ear. I had put them all up in the strategic locations. So...removing all the mini's tunes I put up the full size. Started out with the traditional placement. But for those who are reading If you don't have the traditional shaped room as my self it posses more of a challenge.My recommendation is to stick to the the ground rules as much as you can to give your self A starting point. The odder shaped portions of the room you can deal with in the next step. This will take more finagling to find out where the strongest pressure zones in the room are and how thy react with the speakers and other tunes.

I tried to do this all in one shot. For a traditional shaped room, " room in a box" would be perfect. But a more experienced tuner will make slow patient observations.

So after putting all the full size tunes I realize that sometimes looking into a room and seeing its placement will not coincide with what your ears tell you. As it turned out I needed some of the mini strips after all. Bigger did not mean better.In the sub woofer corner especially. I noticed not just a tonal change but a loss of volume. It put the sound into a vacuum to were you could barely hear the bass. And it was tonally absent. But there was evenness with the sub between sitting and standing. The culprit was definitely the full size strip (sub woofer corner) and an echo tune that was also to close to the corner tune.

You have to look at these in terms as sound buffers. To much is a very bad thing.

I had to choose between the sitting and standing problem and proper tone and gain.
So I took out the echo tune and put the mini strip back in the corner. The rest of the room seems ok. What to do here


Joey S.
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Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: The right tune.   Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:53 am

Hi Joey

Sounds like a PZC might be the ticket in the corner. Set the smaller tune back there and cover it with a piece of wood. This will tell me what is needed.


happy tuning

michael green
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The right tune.
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