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 RoomTune Acoustical Treatment

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PostSubject: RoomTune Acoustical Treatment   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:19 pm

One of the very first tweaks audiophiles do after getting their stereo system is make the acoustics in the room sound good enough to allow the music on the recordings to come through as real (life like) as possible. The room is the biggest audio component and dictates the overall sound of the system.

You don't want to kill the sound of the room with heavy drapes or dampened acoustical deadeners as this will leave the music lifeless and dull, missing vital parts of the recording. You also don't want to trap the sound leaving acoustical holes in the soundstage and dead spots. The best way to treat the room is to use a simple plan called "Room Tuning". RoomTune has specific product for designated areas to control the rooms energy.

After doing a basic tune-up you will hear dramatic changes in your systems performance. You can leave your room as is at that point or explore your rooms hidden musical attributes by playing around with placement changes.

There are different size RT Pillow products for different size rooms. The "mini" are for small rooms and the RoomTune are for average to big size rooms.

RoomTune is used in the most serious of listening rooms as well as converting the average into a special listening environment.

The RoomTune pillow products convert average rooms into listening studios producing full range control using the fewest products to get the job done.

When we listen to sound in our rooms we are listening to air pressure. Sound waves are not traveling in a straight line to our ears. There are 2 main parts to what the sound pressure (build up) is doing. One, pressure zones, the other, laminar flow.

This constant build up of energy is in every room and is what you hear. As the pressure forms it makes pressure zones that you can easily listen to as you walk around the room talking or making sound. Some areas are at a plus signal and some at a minus.

Pressure Zone Controlling is what we have named taking control of a zone in the room and telling it what to sound like with the use of our acoustical/mechanical tuning tools.

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PostSubject: Re: RoomTune Acoustical Treatment   Thu May 23, 2013 7:19 pm

link to Music Direct


link to Amazon


link to The Cable Company

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RoomTune Acoustical Treatment

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